Meet Donna


I am Donna Wesson Smalley, the Democratic nominee for Alabama Supreme Court Associate Justice, Place 4. It is one of 9 justices who sit on our state’s highest court, and review the decisions from the trial courts as well as the intermediate courts of appeal. 

I have been in practice for nearly 40 years, and I have practiced in many of the Courts throughout the state of Alabama, as well as in the Federal Courts.  I have handled many types of legal disputes, but I am probably best known for my work in the area of Family or Domestic Relations Law.  

I am running for office at this time because I have 40 years of experience in actually practicing law.  I have represented small businesses and individuals in a wide variety of circumstances.  As a woman who has been a litigating attorney, it has been necessary to be effectiveFinding practical and effective solutions is a trait that I have developed and it is a trait that judges in our state need; they should be able to step back from the fray of a legal dispute and see the big picture and how solutions can best be applied to resolve the problems presented. 

 Now, more than ever, we need true leaders, with experience from the trenches.  

Donna Smalley (pictured right) with her son, daughter in law, and grand daughter. 

Donna Smalley (pictured right) with her son, daughter in law, and grand daughter.