I am running for the Alabama Supreme Court Justice because I believe it is time to put my 40 years of legal experience to work as a public servant. The court must act with fairness, and always in compliance with the U.S. and State constitutions. When I first sought to go to law school, the great former Chief Justice Howell Heflin wrote one of my recommendations, and I will seek to emulate his wisdom and even-handed administration of justice.  I am pleased to say that I was the first woman for whom he wrote a law school recommendation. 

Too often in recent years, our state has been held back and humiliated by justices who placed personal hobby horses above the law. It is time for that to end.

No one should be above the law.  And no one should be able to “buy” a result in a matter before the Court.  The undue influence of big money donors has created mistrust by the public in every area of government, and the Courts are no exception.  The voters of Alabama have wised up, and they are no longer willing to let those with the big checkbooks dictate who will be in positions of leadership.  The voters of Alabama are sick and tired of corruption, and they want people who are absolutely honest and beyond reproach to serve as judges, especially on the highest court. 

While I was still in law school, I served in the District Attorney’s office of Tuscaloosa as a 3rd year student practitioner.  Since then I have always maintained that service to others is my highest goal.  My proudest professional award was for outstanding service to the Volunteer Lawyers Program in 1997, bestowed by the Alabama State Bar for pro bono service. To this day, it is my honor to represent all kinds of people in all kinds of cases.   I have learned so much by mediating cases as well.  I have learned what clients really want and expect; and I am humbled at the service offered by lawyers in difficult situations every day. 

This commitment to service will guide my every decision on your Alabama Supreme Court.  I will be  honest and fair- to everyone.   Because I believe there should be justice for all. 

EXPERIENCED, EFFECTIVE AND ETHICAL- these are the traits I offer.  Each case will be examined on its own merits, and decided fairly, based on the law.